Simulation Center

Thai Medical Group 88 Co.,Ltd.

Simulation Center is part of Thai Medical Group 88 Co.,Ltd. with an area of 737 square meters. Located on the 4th floor of  MeSpace building and designed by multidisciplinary experts. Under the atmosphere of practice in the hospital. In order for learners to be trained with virtual situations in the inpatient department, outpatient department, cardiologist department, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room department, emergency department and various types of classrooms with advanced manikins that respond close to human. The service is divided into 4 areas as follows:

  1. Training services.
  2. Competency development consulting.
  3. Assessment of clinical and other skills.
  4. Rental space with advanced manikin and equipment.

Simulation-based clinical training courses

Learning and human resource development training course.

  1. Provision of clinical training and simulation services such as integrated patient care, basic life support, advanced   resuscitation and other clinical courses according to customer needs.
  2. Provision of learning and human resource development training such as core competency development program, functional competency development program and managerial development program.
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To be recognized as one of the premier simulation center for partner in 2027


  • Mission 1
    Building staff ability and competency to optimize the learner experience.
  • Mission 2
    Applying evidence based, best practice simulation standards.
  • Mission 3
    Creating a safe simulated environment for learning.
  • Mission 4
    Measure the effect of simulation on patient care.
  • Mission 5
    Assess learners competency.

Awards & Certifications

ISO 9001:2015

Simulation Center TMG88 , have been achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certificate is the internationally recognized Standard for Quality Management

Society for Simulation in Healthcare

Simulation Center ,TMG88 have been achieving Official Accreditation (Provisional),USA

Our Team

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