Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Renewal Course – TRC Card

19 March 2024

The ACLS Renewal Course training event – TRC Card, which is a standard course of the Thai Resuscitation Council (TRC). This training was provided to registered nurses from Chaophya Hospital, focusing on knowledge and understanding of assessing and diagnosing cardiac arrest and abnormal heart rhythms, correctly using resuscitation equipment and related medications efficiently. The training also aimed to enhance advanced cardiovascular life support skills following practical guidelines. Furthermore, it emphasized improving communication skills and teamwork in advanced life support scenarios through theoretical and practical training, including simulations. The event was honored by Capt. Dr. Jariya Santatianant, an anesthesiologist and Assistant Director of Somdech Phra Pinklao Hospital, Royal Thai Navy Medical Department, who served as the Director, and by Dr. Ploypailin Rattanasunya, a specialist in emergency medicine, toxicology, and pharmacology from the Institute of Medical Research and Technology Assessment , and Dr. Patima Puttaphaisan, an emergency medicine physician from the Emergency Medicine Department at MedPark Hospital, who acted as instructors. This training provided participants with hands-on experience in managing and diagnosing cardiac arrest and abnormal heart rhythms, correctly using resuscitation equipment and related medications, and improving communication and teamwork skills in line with the guidelines of the Thai Resuscitation Council under the Royal Patronage.

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